Kentucky legislatures define exemptions on real property that allow for discounts on real estate assessments.

  • Homestead – This exemption allows totally disabled homeowners or 65 and over homeowners to reduce their assessments. The current 2023-2024 exemption amount is $46,350. Please see our homestead exemption page for application details.
  • Agricultural – The Kentucky Revised Statute 132.010 (9, 10, 11) defines agricultural land as any tract of land, including all income producing improvements of at least 10 contiguous acres in area used for the production of livestock, livestock products, poultry, poultry products and/or the growing of tobacco and/or crops including timber, or where devoted to and meeting the requirements and qualifications for payment pursuant agricultural programs and an agreement with the state or Federal government. We use GIS and the USDA capability classes to determine how much of a parcel is each class.
  • Horticultural – Defined as horticultural land is any tract of land, including all income producing improvements of at least 5 contiguous acres in an area commercially used for the cultivation of a garden, orchard, or the raising of fruit or nuts, vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants.
  • Organization Type – Section 170 of the Kentucky Constitution authorizes exemption from property taxation for the following types of organizations:
    • Government Owned
    • Educational Institutions
    • Religious Organizations
    • Public libraries
    • Cemeteries not held for private or corporate profit
    • Institutions of purely public charity

The first step in applying for a property tax exemption is to complete the application form (Revenue Form 62A023) and submit it along with all supporting documentation to the PVA.

If the PVA is comfortable making the decision, everything can be handled at the county level.  However, if the PVA is unsure if the applicant qualifies for an exemption, the application is forwarded to the Department of Revenue for review.  If this occurs, you may receive a letter from the Department requesting additional information.  When the Department has made a decision, a letter is sent to the PVA and the PVA then sends the final determination letter to the applicant.

Additional information can be found at https://revenue.ky.gov/Property/Pages/Property-Tax-Exemptions.aspx