Quad Plan

State law requires the PVA to physically inspect every property in the county every four years. To accomplish this requirement a quadrennial plan, aka “quad plan”, is created.

Inspections are accomplished in one of two ways:

  • Aerially – We typically review the property on our aerials first to determine if the property has changed significantly since the last inspection. If there are characteristics we can’t determine on the aerial we’ll send an inspector to visit the property in-person.
  • In-person – One of our inspectors will visit the property driving one of our office vehicles that are clearly marked as a state vehicle from the PVA office. Our inspectors will identify themselves before inspecting your property.

In 2018-2019 we completed a thorough inspection of farm properties. McCracken County has approximately 1,946 farms.

The schedule below lists the Paducah neighborhoods and county tax districts we have completed or are currently working to complete.

2022 Schedule

  • Lone Oak (in progress)
  • Rowlandtown (in progress)

2021 Schedule

  • Concord, rural (completed)
  • Midtown (completed)
  • Conrad Heights (in progress)
  • Cornell (in progress)
  • Fairfield (completed)
  • Farley Place (in progress)
  • Kolb Park (in progress)

2020 Schedule

  • West McCracken (completed)
  • Concord subdivisions (completed)
  • Lowertown (completed)
  • Littleville (completed)
  • Water Jetton (completed)
  • Heather Hills (completed)
  • Downtown (in progress)

2019 Schedule

  • Hendron fire district (completed)
  • Carson Park neighborhood (completed)
  • Outside fire district (completed)
  • Melber fire district (completed)

In addition to quad inspections, we routinely inspect properties in which a permit has been issued and respond to property owner inquiries.