Vehicle Tax Rates

The PVA office does not set tax rates. The following information is provided for reference. Tax rates for previous years are available at

To determine your tax amount use the following formula.

Assessment divided by 100 times the tax rate = Tax Amount

Example: $25,000 / 100 x 1.2989 = $324.73

The 1.2989 is the total tax for your district of all the following applicable taxes.

Vehicle Tax Rates20202021202220232024
State (non-historic/historic).45/.25.45/.25.45/.25.45/.25.45/.25
Extension Service.0129.0129.0120.0129.0129
County Schools.529.529.529.529.529
Paducah City.
Paducah City Schools.566.566.566.566.566
Paducah PJC (county).
Paducah PJC (City).
Concord Fire.
Hendron Fire.0755.0755.0755.0755.0755
Lone Oak Fire.
Melber Fire.
Reidland/Farley Fire.
West McCracken Fire.