Tax Roll Subscriptions

Taxpayers can subscribe to our online tax roll service to view property records. The following subscriptions are available. Each subscription is billed annually.

This service allows subscribers the following features:

  • Search properties by address, owner name, parcel number, account number, legal description or deed book/page number.
  • View recent sales/transfers
  • Comparable search
  • Display soil layers
  • View fire and school districts
  • View city boundaries
  • Zip code boundaries
  • TIF district
  • Opportunity zones
  • View railroads, roads, major US highways
  • Aerials from 2023, 2020, 2017 & 2013
  • View streams, rivers, lakes
  • View map using our integrated GIS data
    • Includes approximated property boundaries using our integrated GIS
    • Includes owner names and parcel numbers
    • Includes recent aerial photographs
    • Measuring tool to calculate building sizes or calculate lot size

To use the service you must first create an account. Then verify your email address. The final step is paying for the number of records you choose. Payment can be made online, mailed via check or accepted over the phone (270-444-4712). We accept major credit cards.

Record CountCost