Tax Rates

McCracken County Real Estate Tax Rates

The rates shown below are the total of all taxes rates set by the state, McCracken County Library, Mental Health, Health Department, the school boards, the state, Paducah Junior College and the Extension Service.

Rates are per $100. To calculate use this calculator. To manually calculate your tax bill divide your assessment amount by 100 and multiply times the appropriate tax district below.

Example: If your property value is $100,000 and in the Reidland Fire District.
$100,000 divided by 100 = $1,000
$1,000 x .9744 = $974.40

01 Outside Fire0.88000.9034
02 Reidland Fire0.95100.9744
03 Hendron Fire0.94950.9763
04 West McCracken0.94900.9724
05 Concord Fire0.95500.9784
06 Lone Oak Fire0.92700.9504
10 Melber0.92300.9464
08 Paducah City
County Rate0.33900.3494
City Rate1.06801.1170
Total Combined Dist 081.40701.4664
09 City Annex
County Rate0.85900.8874
City Rate0.2710.2770
Total Combined Dist 91.13001.1644