KAVIS Implementation

You may have heard that a new vehicle registration system will be implemented soon. This system replaces the 40 year old AVIS system. During the transition about 350 million records will be copied from the old AVIS system to the new KAVIS system. This upgrade requires a short amount of down time to make transition. This down time means vehicles registrations cannot be renewed or registered.

This upgrade will allow for new advancements in the future. For instance, 20 new specialty plates will be available to choose from that promote Kentucky nonprofit organizations.

The KAVIS implementation also effects taxability of vehicles at the McCracken County PVA office. During the down time PVA offices will be unable to change the taxability of vehicles.

The plan is for the old system to be turned off on December 29th, 2023. The new system will be available for registrations on January 8th, 2024. The McCracken County clerk’s office may have a slightly different schedule to ensure their staff are trained and the data has been moved properly. Anyone that has a vehicle registration expiring in December is urged to complete the renewal before the old system is turned off on December 28th.

If you have questions about registering or renewing a vehicle please feel free to call the McCracken County Clerk’s office at 270-444-4700. Questions about the taxability of a vehicle may be addressed to the McCracken County PVA office at 270-444-4712.

More information about this transition can be found on the KAVIS website – https://drive.ky.gov/Pages/KAVIS.aspx