Vehicle Exoneration – Moved Out of State

Kentucky vehicle tax assessments are based on January 1 of each year. If you lived in another state on January 1 you will NOT owe Kentucky vehicle taxes. Living in another state means you will have another state’s driver’s license and registered your vehicle in another state.

Vehicle Affidavit - Moved Out of State

Owner Info

Vehicle Details

Moved Details

Please enter the date you junked the vehicle.


Please upload documentation to verify residency in another state on January 1. Documentation may include another state's driver's license, title or vehicle registration. You can upload a PDF file or take a photo of a document from your phone or tablet.

Maximum file size: 20MB

Maximum file size: 20MB

I hereby swear (affirm) under penalty of perjury that the information above is true and correct. I further request that the property taxes on the above listed Vehicle should be corrected/exonerated for the assessment date(s) of January 1.
* I understand that if this vehicle/boat has been junked and the tag and title have not been returned to the county clerk’s office and I do not have these items in my possession that I must contact the clerk.
This form can be signed on your tablet, phone or desktop computer using your finger or mouse. Or, you can click the blue Keyboard icon above and type your name.