Website Advertising

The McCracken County PVA offers advertising on our Qpublic website. The proceeds from advertising sales go into our general funds and are used to pay for additional staff and supplies to assist in getting the whole county inspected and re-assessed. It is my desire to see the advertising revenue eventually replace the subscription revenue. If/when this happens the website will be completely free to all users.

Should you have any questions not answered here please call (270-444-1350) or email me at

Bill Dunn


  • 2 spots are available on our property record (Qpublic) website to place advertisements
    • The top-center of the following pages, displayed at random.
      • Search page (1275 x 150)
      • Report page (1275 x 150)
    • Far-right column under the PVA logo, static display.
  • Each ad is clickable to direct website visitors to your website, FB page, etc..


  • All ads must be paid for via the link below.
  • All ads must be paid for before installed on the website.
  • All ads will begin display the date chosen by the advertiser. Minimum advertising period is 1 month. No prorations.
  • Random ads (top-center) – $75/month
  • Static ads – far-right – $150/month
  • Prefer payment be made via the link shown at bottom of page


  • All policies herein are designed to comply with KRS 11A.097 and 45A.097. If a conflicting policy error is found KRS should take precedence.
  • Advertiser understands that ads placed on the Search and report pages are displayed at random. PVA nor website host control the rate at which ads are displayed nor to whom the ads are displayed. All randomly placed ads are priced the same with no stated or guaranteed results. The number of displays or clicks are not recorded.
  • You understand that if more ads are put into the ad pool the frequency that your ad is displayed may decrease.
  • While much of the information at the PVA offices is public information or obtainable via an open records request we do not sell or provide your contact info to anyone.
  • Ads submitted must the specific sizes. Ads not matching the necessary size will not be approved and payment may be refunded. The advertiser will be notified if an ad is rejected.
  • Ads must be PNG or PNG format. Animated images are not allowed.
  • To comply with KRS 11A.20(1)(d), this is a government website with a purpose or providing information to the public. To ensure equal treatment and avoid an appearance of favoritism to any advertiser all ads should contain factual details. Ads should avoid the appearance that the PVA office recommends, lobbies for or endorses the advertiser or advertiser’s products.
  • Ads must not be deceptive or misleading and must be verifiable. Ads should clearly identify the advertiser and/or product being offered. Exaggerated or extravagantly worded ads may be rejected. Ads will not be accepted if they appear indecent or offensive or if they related to personal, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation or religious nature. the advertiser will be notified and asked to change the ad before the ad is displayed.
  • The PVA has final say as to which ads are displayed to ensure the PVA website maintains legitimacy and integrity and conforms with KRS.


August 2020 to August 2021

  • 3,900 to 5,400 – Average number of monthly visits
    • April – Busiest month
  • 156 – Average visits per day
    • 109 – Average number of registered visitors / day
    • 46 – Average number of anonymous visits / day
  • Monday – Highest number of visitors by day
  • 2pm – 5pm – Time of day with highest usage


Buy Top-Center, Randomly Displayed Ad – $75/month

Buy Far-Right, Static Displayed Ad – $150/month